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35mm fully automatic lens-shutter with built-in zoom lens and auto flash

Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-coded film with ISO rating from 25-3200 (1EV step). Non-DX coded films are automatically set to IS025
24x36mm (Approx. 13x36 in panorama format)

Auto film rewinding at the end of roll. Auto stop upon completion of rewinding.
Rewinding time: approx. 25 sec. with 24-exposure film. Rewinding in mid-roll provided.Automatic readout of successive frame numbers in ascending order when shooting, and de-scending order when rewinding.


  • Pentax power zoom 48-200mm f/5.1-13.0 11 elements in 7 groups. Angle of view: 48.5°
  • Pentax phase-matching passive five-point autofocus system. Autofocusing range: 1.2m
  • (3.9ft) - infinity at Tele 200mm, 0.80m (2.6ft) - infinity at 48mm. Maximum magnifica-tion: approx. 0.175X. 
  • Electronic zoom
  • Programmed AE electronic shutter with speed approx. 1/400 - 2 sec. Bulb: 1/2 sec.-l min.Electromagnetic release.
  • Actual image zoom viewfinder with LCD indication, 83% of field of view ratio,
  • Magnification: 0.44X (48mm) - 1.78X(200mm TELE), Diopter -3 to + 1D, AF frame
  • (ISO 400), EV5.0 - EV18 at 48mm, EV6.5 -EV20 at 200mm in Slow-Shutter-Speed mode(ISO 400)
  • Automatic exposure compensation in a backlit situation.
  • Multi-Exposure:-Multiple exposure function provided.
  • Flash:-Slide-out flash with red-eye reduction mode, Automatic flash emission in low-luminance
  • Flash-OFF=Flash override, Bulb-Sync 1/2 sec. - 5min.
  • Flash effective range:-0.8(2.6ft)-8.4m(28ft) (48mm),1.2(3.9ft)-4.6m(15ft) (200mmTELE) (IS0400 film used).
  • Flash recycling time:-Approx. 5 sec. under Pentax testing conditions.
  • Power source:-One 3V lithium battery (CR-123A or the equivalent)
  • Battery life:-Approx. 10 rolls of 24 exposure film when 50% of shooting uses flash (under Pentax test-ing conditions)
  • Battery exhaustion warning:—(Q) appears on the LCD panel, Shutter is locked when (Q ) is blinking.
  • Size & Weight:-127.5(W) x 74.5(H) x 77(D)mm (5"x 2.9"x 3.0") 345g(12.2oz) without battery
  • Remote control:-Infrared wireless remote control, 3-seconds delay shutter release, Effective range: Closer
  • Power source for Remote than 5m when P™^1"1 from the camera's front.
  • Control:-One lithium battery CR1620 (replaced by Pentax Service facility)
  • Size & weight for Remote
  • Control:-22.0(W) x50.0(L) x9.5(D)mm (0.9"x2.0"x0.4"), 9g(0.3oz) including battery



  • iMacMike Intermediate :Small and light weight. Can turn off flash and red eye. "Instamatic" focus mode. Single CR123 battery lasts a long time.
  • Byron Intermediate:handsome look - has zoom that comes in handy if you need it in once in a blue moon requirement shot. - shutter button has a nice feel








Type: camera

Vendor: PENTAX