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PENTAX ESPIO 738S 35mm compact camera


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7/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty 



The Pentax Espio 738 is a 35mm compact camera with autofocus and a zoom lens, issued by Pentax in 1995. Part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series. Various versions including Espio 738G and IQZoom 738S. It was made in China.read more



35mm fully automatic leaf-shutter with built-in zoom lens and auto flash

Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-coded film with ISO
rating from 25-3200 (1EV step). Non-DX coded films are automatically
set to IS025

-24 x 36mm

Auto film loading. Closing the back cover will automatically wind the film
to first exposure.

Auto film-winding, single frame advance mode.

Auto start at the end of roll. Auto stop upon completion of rewinding.
Rewinding time:approx. 20 sec. with 24-exposure film. Rewinding in mid-
roll provided.

Automatic readout of successive frame numbers in ascending order
when shooting, and descending order when rewinding.

-Pentax power zoom 38-70mm f/4.8-8.5 5 elements in 5 groups, Angle of
view: 59° - 34.5°.read more

Review by Ephotozine:

This unit is pitched into a very competitive sector of the market, where we have plenty of cameras to choose from, and certainly provides the quality and styling to put it up with the best. The operation of loading up with film, pushing the red button for on, zooming the lens and firing the shutter is a doddle. The large buttons on the top are easy to press when needed, and the viewfinder is above average at this level.




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Type: 35mm

Vendor: Pentax