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Pentax ESPIO 738S Point and Shoot camera


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 Overall condition: 9/10 all function is working well and clean body, viewfinder super clean.

S/N: 3121266

(Come with 6 months warranty)



This camera is perfect for street shooting on a bright day, anything with low light will need a tripod. The auto focusing is fairly quick and accurate and the lens produces sharp images, the camera is small and quite the companion. The design of the camera is debated but I think it embodies it's robustness in its bold 90s edges and curves, it fits the hand quite comfortably and is heavy enough to give you something to stabilise. Using this camera is a breeze, the automatic features take good care of the exposure and allow you to focus on the situation and what shot you want to get. "The absolute standard of mid 90's compact put into one camera" is more of a miracle than a mundane statement, the 90's and before were prime times for the compact camera as they evolved and managed to capture the photographer's attention in addition to the target audience, family. Photographers saw great things in the small bodies of these cameras, and good job they did because I bloody love them. 


  • Lens: Pentax power zoom 38-70mm f/4.8-8.5
  • Film speed settings: DX- coded with ISO rating 25-1600
  • Shutter: automatic; 1/320 - 1/3 sec. Bulb. 
  • Focus: 0.6m - infinity. infared active autofocusing with lock focus. 
  • Manual loading, automatic advancing and rewinding of film
  • Built-in flash, recharge time: 5 seconds
  • Electronic self-timer
  • Power: One CR 123 A 

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Type: 35 mm Point and Shoot

Vendor: Pentax