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Pentax ME 35mm BLACK EDITION SLR with Pentax 28mm f2.8


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Condition 8/10 All function working, Black edition, clean body.

S/N: 1171227

(comes with 6 months warranty.)


"The ME was my first SLR. It could not have been a more fortunate find. ... I pulled countless of rolls of film through it and it never failed to provide perfect exposures (kudos to the metering system). It would be years before I purchased a zoom lens and a another year later I purchased a winder to facilitate the winding."  - PentaxLou


The Pentax ME is a classic late 1970's basic 35mm film SLR.

It has aperture-preferred automatic electronic exposure control. The only manual settings are 1/100 and Bulb. It runs on two common A76 cells. You focus and pick the aperture, and the Pentax ME picks the shutter speed automatically.

It works great. I shot a 36-expsoure roll of Fuji Velvia in an hour and had a blast. I got back 39 perfectly exposed transparencies.

The finder has a line of LED dots that light next to the corresponding shutter speeds. They read OVER and UNDER, and 1/1,000 to 8 seconds. The ME is perfectly happy exposing for much longer than its rated 8 seconds if you're shooting at night.

The Pentax ME was a direct competitor to the Nikon EM. Even the model names are the same, spelled backwards.

The Pentax ME is a very small SLR, smaller than even the eternal K1000, but it has a huge viewfinder. The finder of the Pentax ME is bigger than the finder any Nikon SLR, ever.

The Pentax ME is a much simpler version of the popular Pentax ME Super, not reviewed here. - read more here. 


  • Lens mount Pentax K.
  • Silver-coated glass pentaprism. 92% coverage, 0.97x magnification (with 50mm lens), -0.5 diopter.
  • Most other SLRs only offer 0.72x magnification.
  • Type: Electronic Seiko vertical metal focal plane.
  • Cocked Indicator: Yes, red or black dot just below mode switch.
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/1,000 ~ 8 seconds on AUTO (actually runs much longer if needed at night), Bulb, 1/100 mechanical X-sync.
  • Sync Speed: 1/100.
  • Self Timer: Variable 4~10 second delay.
  • Battery: Two standard A76, S76, LR44, G13 or etc. cells.
  • Battery Life: Rated 1 year or 10,000 shots (250 rolls). In practice, batteries usually last for years.
  • Size: 5.16 x 3.25 x 1.95" (131 x 82.5 x 49.5mm), rated.
  • Weight: 16-¼ ounces, (460g), rated.

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Type: 35 mm SLR Camera

Vendor: PENTAX