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Pentax MX SLR with 50mm f2 (Premium Compact SLR)


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8/10 very good condition comes with 6 months warranty.

"Pentax introduced the MX as one of the smallest and lightest professional-level SLR cameras available in 1976, and continued production until the larger LX hit the market in 1985...

This is the fifth Pentax camera I’ve reviewed, and it’s the fifth to earn all five stars. I’m sensing a trend. (I’ve also reviewed five Olympus cameras, but a couple of them have fared less well.) Afraid I just don’t have anything bad to say about the Pentax MX, though. If you see one, snag it!" a review by Daniel Schneidan, read  more here. 

"I've been using it regularly since I got it, and have found it very easy to get accustomed to, although having been using the Chinon for so long that occasionally I forget to set the shutter.. (a terrible habit!) .One of the main reasons I got it was because I've been looking for a fully manual camera, it is almost entirely mechanical which I like very much..." a review by ACMI , read more here.


The Pentax MX was introduced in 1976 as a pro-caliber all-manual workhorse SLR camera. It was very compact but yet had one of the largest and brightest viewfinders of any SLR. A 250 images film back was available as well as a 5 fps motor drive and a 2 fps winder and numerous other accessories.

The set shutter speed and aperture are visible in the view finder, the latter via a window that projects the aperture value from the aperture ring into the view finder.

Exposure is set by adjusting shutter speed or aperture until a green LED lights up in the viewfinder. This is an electronic version of the match needle metering of the Spotmatic and KM.

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