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Pentax SP500 with Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8


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8/10 overall condition. Light meter not operational. Shutter speeds are accurate and optics are clean. Comes with 6 months warranty

Serial #: 3273414
Lens Serial #: 884975


The SP500 and SP1000 are identical to the Spotmatic SP except there is no self timer and the SP500 shutter speed dial shows a max speed of 1/1000. However, like the SP1000 and SP, the SP500 can actually shoot at 1/1000 by turning the shutter speed dial to an unmarked stop after 1/500. Like the SP, the SP500/SP1000 models came in 3 variants, black and chrome Asahi, black Asahi, black and chrome Honeywell.

The Spotmatic SP was introduced by Asahi optical company in 1964, and was one of the first 35mm SLR cameras with through the lens light metering. The camera was entirely mechanical apart from the light meter, which was powered by a 1.35 volt PX400 mercury cell. Mercury batteries are now banned but Zinc-Air batteries can be used instead, or it is possible to carry out a minor modification to the meter circuit to allow the use of 1.55 volt 387S silver-oxide batteries. 

It uses a horizontal travel, rubberized silk cloth focal plane shutter with a speed range of 1/1000 second to 1 second, along with Bulb and a flash X-sync of 1/60 second. 


  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Asahi Optical Co.
  • Year of launch: 1964
  • Films: 35mm, speeds up to 1600 ASA
  • Viewfinder: pentaprism eye-level viewfinder
  • Lens Mount: (M42)
  • Shutter: Focal plane shutter, speeds 1 - 1/1000 second, flash sync 1/60 second
  • Metering: Cds TTL metering (stopped down manual match-needle metering system) EV 1.7 ~ 18 (ISO 100) ASA range 20-1600 (on original Spotmatic)


Reviewed by: thephoblographer

Pentax has has a number of great cameras over the years, but if you’re going to get something cheap and reliable, one of the best options has to be the Pentax spotmatic. The little camera is one of the first options to offer a TTL (through the lens) light meter though otherwise is completely mechanical. With that said, it still truthfully doesn’t need a battery or the light meter to operate–which is a lot light many Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander rangefinders. That means that even if the battery dies, you can still shoot and get perfectly usable photos if you’ve got just a bit of light metering knowledge. The Pentax Spotmatic was designed during a time when folks typically shot photos in full shutter speeds vs 1/3rd options of today. So with that said, you’ll want to pay close attention to the film that you’re loading up and your own intentions when it comes to shooting.

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