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Pentax Super Program 35 mm SLR Camera


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Serial # 1112306


The Pentax Super Program, also sold in some markets as the Pentax Super A was 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by Pentax of Japan in the 1980s.

It is not the same camera as the slightly lower-specified "Pentax Program A" (which also had an alternative name, the "Pentax Program Plus".)

The camera offers fully automatic exposure ("program") mode when coupled with an appropriate Pentax-A series lens. With such a lens the camera also offers shutter-priority mode, and with any compatible lens (i.e. Pentax-M lenses in addition to the Pentax-A series) the camera offers aperture-priority and fully manual modes. - read more



  • Pentax Super Program 35mm manual focus camera
  • Otherwise know as Super A
  • Won the European Camera of the Year award in 1983
  • ISO range 6 to 3200
  • Exposure Modes – Program mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual Mode
  • +/- 2 stops Exposure Compensation
  • Shutter from 15s to 1/2000sec
  • External motor drive available
  • KA mount
  • Flash sync socket and Hot Shoe
  • Depth of Field Preview. - read more



By rullrich from pentaxforums.com

"This was my second Pentax SLR after the rather simple MG and compared to it the "Super A" (as it was called in Germany) was a very feature-rich high-end consumer product. First I disliked the full automatic "propgram-mode", because I thought the photographer would loose too much control over the process of picture taking (funny, compared to current DSLR-features), but then I realized the Super A could offer mynax modes of taking picturees in one camera body: Aperture und Shutter priority for advanced users, programm mode for taking snapshots and, finally, M- and Bulb-mode for complete manual control. The TTL-flash system was very handy as well. I bought the camera with the 1.7 50mm, 2.8 28mm and 2.8 135mm SMC-A lenses, which I still own and love (now mainly used on the K-5). All in all the Super A still is my favourite film camera due to it's accuracy, ease of use and very rich feature set. If You manage to find a copy in good condition, go for it (as I will probably do myself)."-  read more







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Type: 35 mm SLR Camera

Vendor: PENTAX