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Pentax Zoom 90-WR is a fully automatic weather resistant (splash proof) compact camera manufactured by Pentax in 1991. It was also sold as the IQZoom 90-WR but this branding is often omitted from the camera body. It is part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom cameras series.

Film is automatically loaded, advanced and rewound. Mid-roll rewind can be done. It is compatible with DX encoded films from 25 to 3200 ISO. Non-coded films are set at 25 ISO. It is powered by two CR123A battery.


  • Type: 35mm fully automatic leaf-shutter camera with built-in zoom lens and auto flash, Weather-resistant with
  • IEC 529: Second characteristic numeral 5, protected against water jets.
  • Film: Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-coded film with ISO rating from 25 to 3200 (1 EV stepl.
  • Non-DX coded films are automatically set to IS025. 24x36mm format.
  • Lens: Pentax power zoom 38-90mm f/3.5-7.5 8 elements in 7 groups. Angle of view: 59°-27°.
  • Focusing system: Pentax infrared active multi-beam autofocusing with focus lock, Switchable to spot AF mode,
  • Range: 0.8m (2.6ft) - infinity;0.5m (1.6ftl-0.8m (2.6ft) in MACRO (magnification approx. 1/4.5X1, Infinity-
  • landscape mode (focus is fixed to infinity).
  • Zooming: 2-button type.
  • Shutter: Programmed AE electronic shutter with speeds approx. 1/400 sec.-1/5sec. Bulb 1/2sec.-10min), Bulb-
  • timer Usee.-10 min). Electromagnetic release.
  • Self-timer: Electronic red lamp indication. Approx. 10-sec. delay with LEO indication. 
  • Exposure-meter switch: The exposure meter is turned on when the shutter release button is pressed halfway.
  • Flash: Built-in zoom flash with red-eye reduction mode, Automatic low-luminance firing in Auto mode
  • Interval shooting: Electronically controlled, started by pressing the shutter release button.
  • Remote controller: Infrared wireless remote controller. Step zooming at TELE, 60mm, WIDE, Effective range:5m from the front when projected from the camera's front; 0.7m from the back when projected from the rear.



what makes this pentax different from the rest

this is a heavy duty point and shoot camera, i own two now, for the age of the camera, the pictures are crisp and clear, put it in macro mode,get in close and wow what detail, of course as with any camera, lighting and a good lens is what gives you that one in a million photograph. the lens on this camera is fantastic,if the lighting is right this pentax is what you want to get that great shot.38mm to 90mm zoom, water resistant, ofcourse the features this camera has is a plus.


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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Pentax