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Polaroid Spectra 1200FF Instant Film Camera


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8/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty



Different folding mechanism to other Spectra models, featuring folding plastic bellows. The camera front is hinged at the bottom and opens vertically; similar in principle to a single-hinged SX-70 model though this is not an SLR camera. A black model known as the Spectra Blitz was marketed by the lomography collection, but that model does not fold down.


  • Wider lens (100mm f/11.5, 2-element aspherical plastic).
  • Fixed-focus, but has built-in close-up lens for shots down to 60cm. A warning/reminder light appears near the viewfinder when the close-up lens has been selected.
  • Auto-flash with no ability to force on or off.
  • Built-in metal lens cover automatically slides over the lens when the camera is folded.
  • No tripod socket.
  • No, Lighten/Darken control or other means of exposure compensation.
  • Shoots up to 12 exposures using the final generation of Spectra/Image 1200 film.


Reviewed by: Tsingtao

What to do when you are feeling impatient and simply don’t want to wait for the lab to process your images? Grab yourself a vintage instant camera!

Since I started my journey back into analog I’ve tried many new things and I fall in love with the wide format of the Polaroid.

I was given this camera as a gift from my ex-boyfriend. I love this camera because of it very easy to use. There are only 3 things to make! 1.Open the camera 2.Compose the scene 3.Press shutter button. It’s easy! Now your picture is ejected automatically.

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Type: Polaroid Camera

Vendor: Polaroid