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Overall Condition 7/10, with 6 months warranty. Black and Olive green. 


Instant Land camera, 1500, non foldable, manufactured by Polaroid, U.S.A., 1977.
The Land Camera 1500 is a foreign market version of the original 'Onestep' model. Features single element fixed focus plastic lens 103mm f/14.6, four foot minimum focus distance, electric eye function with manual light/dark control dial, electronic shutter and neck strap attachment. Uses SX-70 type instant film.

Pictures from the SX-70, by contrast, ejected automatically and developed quickly without chemical residue (integrated). Polaroid founder Edwin H. Land announced the SX-70 at a company annual meeting in April 1972. On stage, he took out a folded SX-70 from his suit coat pocket and in ten seconds took five pictures, both actions impossible with previous Land Cameras. The company first sold the SX-70 in Miami, Florida in late 1972, and began selling it nationally in fall 1973. Although the high cost of $180 for the camera and $6.90 for each film pack of ten pictures ($1,053 and $40, respectively, adjusted for inflation]) limited demand, Polaroid sold 700,000 by mid-1974. In 1973–4, the Skylab 3 and 4 astronauts used an SX-70 to photograph a video display screen to be able to compare the Sun's features from one orbit to the next...


Black plastic body with grey plastic face. Viewfinder window at top left of camera. Manual dial below for lighten/darken control surrounds electric eye. Green shutter button. Film door latch on right side and picture exit slot at front. Camera number located inside camera above picture exit slot. Tripod mount underneath, picture counter window and neck strap attachment located on back of camera.

• Type: On front: '1500'. ' POLAROID LAND CAMERA'.
• Manufacturer: Polaroid Corporation
• Year of launch: 1977
• Film: Polaroid


First revealed by the man himself at the annual company meeting in 1972, Polaroid founder Edwin Land famously pulled the SX70 from inside his blazer, unfolded his masterpiece before those in attendance, and proceeded to shoot five instant photos in just ten seconds. Not lost on the gathered crowd, this was the only Polaroid to that date capable of fitting in a suit jacket pocket, and no other camera in the world could produce instant prints as quickly.