Polaroid 600 Land camera Model 640 no flash instant camera


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Overall 8/10, very good working condition comes with 6 months warranty

Made in circa 1980s, This is a very good looking fairly rare 640 model, with light brown face with black body. 

Polaroid 600 series instant camera is an integral film cameras, such as the SX-70, 600 series, Spectra, and Captiva cameras went a long way in accomplishing Edwin Land's goal of creating a seamless process in producing instant photos. The photographer simply pointed the camera at the subject, framed it and took the photo. The camera and film did the rest, including adjusting the exposure settings, taking care of focusing (Sonar autofocus models only), utilising a flash if necessary ( some 600 series and up), and ejecting the film, which developed without intervention from the photographer.  Read more here. 


  •  1980s , retro looking Polaroid camera 
  •  No flash, thus smaller form factor, easier to carry around
  •  Exposure compensation dial
  •  Comes strap  
  •  Integral film 
  •  600 ISO 

- A review by 

"...In terms of exposure on these cameras, as you can guess it's mostly automatic. The ISO of SX-70 Integral film was always around 160, and of the 600 film was always 640, with some exceptions. So the consumer cameras that went with these films had one variable covered for exposure. Most Polaroid cameras have an electric eye for exposure control as well.

Like many of its brethren in the 600 series, the Sun 640 has a plastic 116mm lens (fixed focus) and a built-in flash. The 640 flashes on every photo, and it also has a lever on the front if you need to adjust the exposure for very bright or dark conditions (like if you want to shoot a snowy field and you don't want it to show up as grey)..." read more here.





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