Polaroid Job Pro Instant Camera - Black&Yellow


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Overall 8/10 condition

With 6 months warranty 

Similar in design to many other hinge-fronted cameras Polaroid released in the eighties and nineties, the Job Pro uses Polaroid 600 integral film.

The Job Pro and - its successor the Job Pro 2 - are cast in bright 'safety' yellow, to highlight their suitability for building and work sites. The bodies are reportedly designed for durability, but on examination they seem practically identical to 600 models of their era. Quick instructions are attached to the back of the camera. Some versions of the Job Pro have the words The Construction Camera near the film exit. Polaroid also released two 'Business Edition' 600 models; these were essentially the same cameras as the Job Pro and Job Pro 2 with different colouration.

Features common to this series of special market 600-series integral film cameras are:

  • Job Pro 3
  • exposure compensation
  • 116 mm fixed-focus 1-element plastic lens
  • Close-up adaptor that slides across lens
  • Flash auto-fires for every picture
  • Exposure compensation buttons on camera front.

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The Job Pro is a durable, solid little camera. There’s nothing putting it above the pack, but it’ll take photos with a minimum of fuss. Personally, I would hold out for a 600 camera with sonar autofocus, since fixed lens cameras don’t do well with anything remotely macro. However, if you can find one for cheap on eBay or stumble across one in the wild, there’s no reason not to pick it up.

If you’re using Impossible Project films with this camera, be sure to attach a dark slide to the front or use a frog tongue adapter to shield the images when they pop out. The first few seconds are the most crucial in order to get the best images possible.

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