Polaroid Land OneStep FISH EYE modification


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The polaroid Land Camera 1000 is an export only camera of the Onestep model, and has a fixed focus plastic lens. They had two unique shutter colour, red and green. It uses the SX-70 time zero film, now manufactured by the Impossible Project. The camera shares some features with the plastic, non folding OneStep models, which includes a one element plastic lens, fixed focus and an exposure compensation dial knob. There is a flash specifically made for this model, the Q-light flash.

The Land Camera 1000 is a foreign-markets version of the original one step model, meaning it has a fixed focus plastic lens. The model 1000 or original OneStep models are distinguished among the range in that they were made available with 2 different coloured shutter buttons - either green or red; there is some debate among collectors as to which was more common. A matching electronic flash was also released for the Onestep/1000 model, known as the Q-Light. It fits onto any SX-70 non-folding camera model, but was cosmetically matched to the original models. 


  • 1 element plastic lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6)
  • 4ft minimum focus distance.
  • Exposure compensation dial around electric eye.



I imagine that this camera has quite a bit of appeal with collectors because its iconic status, but I don’t recommend going out of your way to get one unless you find it cheap on eBay or at a garage sale. I picked up mine for two dollars (with a pack of film still in it!), so don’t get suckered into paying much more. These cameras are quite old, and are increasingly brittle, so don’t be surprised if one doesn’t work. The lack of flash is nice, the the autofocus, while spotty, is a huge improvement over manual focus versions of the Polaroid Land Camera. 

                                     -dan finnen




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