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Polaroid Now (White) Autofocus Polaroid Film Camera

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Polaroid Now (White) Autofocus Instant Polaroid Film (600, i-Type) Camera

All cameras come with six months warranty.

Included in this kit (new in box):
1) Polaroid Now (White) Autofocus Camera
2) Micro USB Charging Cable
3) Camera Strap
4) Instructions


What you're looking at is Polaroid's (that's right, no longer Polaroid Originals) all new camera with a new design. As with all i-Type cameras, this camera is compatible with both 600 and i-Type film. Like its predecessors, the OneStep and OneStep+, the camera is charged via a micro USB cable and also has a self-timer feature too.

What sets this new model apart though, is the new auto-focus system making it easier than ever to get clean, sharp Polaroid shots. This auto-focus system incorporates a dual-lens set up, allowing for a closer focus range, as close as 0.55 metres!


  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Compatible Film: All Polaroid 600, i-Type Film
  • Features: Self-timer, Auto-focus, Flash
  • Charging Port: Micro USB