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Polaroid One 600 Instant Camera


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6/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty.


The final evolution of the 600 series from the original Polaroid Corp. These models (from around 2001) were very sleek. Most common are the Polaroid One and One600 Classic in two tone silver/blue with an orange button.

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  • (Wide) 100mm lens with minimum focus distance of 3 feet.
  • Fixed focus.
  • "Aerodynamic" styling (particularly when folded) with downward curve at back.
  • Flash moved to right hand side of user and can be manually switched on and off.
  • Hand grip on right.
  • LCD frame counter.
  • Self-timer.


"The Polaroid One600 of the last 600 type cameras Polaroid ever made before the company decided to abandon their flagship product. As a result, you still have a pretty good chance at running into one of these in the wild at a garage sale or attic. Since they’re so new, if you find any film left in a used one, it’s probably still in good shape after a quick transfer. I was lucky enough to find three packs of unused film with mine." - Dan Finnen

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Vendor: Polaroid

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