Polaroid 600 OneStep Flash Instant Camera


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Overall condition: 8/10

Comes with a 6 month warranty 


The Polaroid OneStep Flash has a fixed focus lens, which means that there is no need for sonar autofocus. While a fixed focus lens will generally work well enough, you’ll get slightly sharper results with a Polaroid camera like the Polaroid Impulse AF, which is equipped with an autofocus lens and sonar sensor.

Completely ignore the 2-4ft closeup setting. All it does it throw a foggy piece of plastic in front of your lens, guaranteeing that everything will be blurry. Just assume that you cannot shoot any closer than 4ft/1.2m with this camera and you’ll be safe.

The meter works fine. Exposure compensation is achieved by an opaque piece of plastic that changes depending on how you switch the slider beneath the lens, which is standard for Polaroid cameras. It’s better than not having it at all.

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  • Depth: 6.1 in

  • Enclosure Material: plastic

  • Camera Type: Instant camera

  • Body Material: Plastic

  • Manufacturer: Polaroid Corp.


  • Type: built-in flash

  • Shooting Range: 24 in - 10 ft


  • Type: Lens

  • Min Focus Distance: 4 ft

  • Focus Adjustment: focus free


  • Type: Real-image


  • Exposure Range

    1/200 sec - 1/3 sec

  • Type: instant camera

  • Min Exposure: 1/200 sec

  • Max Exposure: 1/3 sec

  • Exposure Modes: automatic

  • Film Advance: automatic


  • Width 5.2 in

  • Height 3.9 in

  • Weight 20.88 oz


  • Type: real-image

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This Polaroid One Step Express Instant Camera is not the latest model, but it is good & fun enough for people who want to "catch the moment"-- take and get pic in hands within 3 min.
Digital cameras & images are great. You can almost take as many as pictures you want and would not be afraid of wasting your films. As the instant film is more expensive, you may not take pic that "freely" but what's on the pic will be what you treasure and you would like to keep. The size, shape, & texture of the instant film can give you something different & a little "nostagia" flavor.
There was black & white film for this model, unfortunately, they are no longer manufactured. So, only color films are available for its use*. That's a little disappointing, but I think this camera is still fun to have. :) (*meanwhile the B&w film is available again)

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