Polaroid spectra 2 instant camera


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Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in 1986. It was an all-new line of cameras, and had a corresponding new film. Spectra film (called 'Image' outside of North America) is different from 600 integral film in that it has a different image format: a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm rather than 600 film's square format. Spectra film is otherwise identical to 600 film - ISO speed, development method and operation remain identical. The Spectra range of cameras also sport better lenses on average than the 600-film range, with most of the models utilising an arc-shaped range of focusing lenses inside the body that swing across the exterior lens element to provide correct focusing, rather than adjusting the distance between internal lens elements. Spectra cameras are thought to take higher-quality pictures than a conventional 600 Polaroid camera, due to the camera's higher build quality and a proportionally larger print area.

Over time, Polaroid has introduced many variants of the Spectra, but most include a 'Quintic' 125mm f/10 3-element plastic lens, self-timer, automatic exposure, and sonar autofocus; in many cases the addition or removal of user controls is the only distinguishing characteristic between models (eg the Spectra 2 has only exposure adjustment; Spectra 'E' only has AF, flash and lighten/darken controls and the original Spectra has these plus LCD display, self-timer and volume controls). The Spectra/Image series also has many optional accessories, such as close-up lenses, special effects filters and a "law enforcement" kit.- Read more


  • Optional Manual Focusing
  • Time Exposures
  • Programmed Time Exposures
  • Manual Time Exposures
  • Back-lighting
  • Sequential pictures
  • Self-timed sequential pictures
  • Variable sequential pictures
  • Multiple exposures


A review by Dan finnen :

The Polaroid Spectra System camera is my favorite instant film camera that I own, and the one I use for the majority of my instant film work. I can’t recommend it enough, especially now that you can pick one up on eBay for less than the price of a single pack of film. I got mine for fifteen bucks and it was worth every penny, and I even picked up a second one recently. The Polaroid Spectra AF is also an excellent camera that is extremely similar to this one, but has a slightly newer design.

The Polaroid Spectra System uses Type 1200 Polaroid film, which has also been called Spectra and Image to make sure you stay confused. This format is slightly wider than traditional SX-70 and 600 films, and was marketed towards professionals rather than traditional consumers. Because there are far fewer type 1200 cameras floating out there, there is still a significant amount of genuine Polaroid film available for it. The Impossible Project still even sells packs of different types of Image films. The Impossible Project is also developing new film in this format which is all excellent...-Read more






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