Polaroid Spectra PRO instant film camera, with coated Glass lens


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Overall condition 8.5/10, all functions working, lenas and finder are super clean and clear, some very minor marks on body from use.

Comes with 6 months warranty

Serial number: C4Qjgmomvhbc




In 1990, Minolta and Polaroid both released an improved version of the Spectra camera called the Instant Pro and Spectra Pro, respectively. These cameras were essentially the same as one another (though the licensed-from-Polaroid Minolta does have a superficial edge in durability – more later), and they’re two of the most user-adjustable Polaroid cameras ever made. With flash, focus, and exposure controls, as well as crazy features like timed interval shooting and a multiple exposure mode, these two machines just may be the best Polaroid camera for today’s shooter.

But what the hell is a Spectra? Launched in 1986, Spectra was both Polaroid’s new film format and their new camera created to address complaints that all integral Polaroids made up to then produced images that were just too small. The classic, white-framed 78 x 78mm square images made on SX-70 and 600 film were dwarfed by the new Spectra film, which produced an image area of 92 x 73mm. It doesn’t sound like much, but this was a big difference. These machines also offered better construction, sharper lenses (glass, no less), and more features than their predecessors – all great selling points when we’re talking cameras.

But that was thirty years ago. What’s Spectra today? For starters, a totally usable camera that’s worth your attention...

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  • Optional Manual Focusing
  • Time Exposures
  • Coated Glass lens 
  • Programmed Time Exposures
  • Manual Time Exposures
  • Back-lighting
  • Sequential pictures
  • Self-timed sequential pictures
  • Variable sequential pictures
  • Multiple exposures..

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