Polaroid Sun 670 Instant Camera Grey AutoFocusQS


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Features of the Polaroid 600 camera

The Polaroid 600 camera has kept its iconic boxy shape since its creation, and over time some of the models have gained more curvy shapes or funky patterns and colours, such as the Spice Cam, Legoland or the retro Cool Cam Neo. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the Polaroid 600 camera kept reinventing itself yet always delivered a recognisable style with ease of use.

The Polaroid 600 camera is a very user-friendly camera, with an intuitive and thoughtful design, a sturdy body which fits perfectly in the palm, and which doesn’t scream ‘bulky’, but rather 80s sci-fi device. Some people don’t fancy so much its plastic body and compare it to disposable cameras, but the design wins over the material and it makes it into a light camera, easy to carry around.

The Polaroid 600 is a full automatic camera, and what makes the whole process very simple is that with Polaroid 600 camera you don’t need to worry so much about the perfect light conditions, because the built-in flash does exactly that: it measures the light in the environment and then adjusts itself for the photo, both for indoors and outdoors. The built-in flash also acts as a lens cover, the feature most loved by users. When you take a photo with the Polaroid 600 camera, you lift the flash, then you fold it down and fit it perfectly into your bag or rucksack, without worrying that the lens might get scratched or that you might lose the lens cap.

The Polaroid 600 camera has a very convenient flash override button for when you want to take a photo through a glass, but you need to avoid a flash reflection. Some Polaroid 600 camera models have more advanced features like a lighten and darken control button which offers some space for exposure choices.

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