Polaroid 2000 Instant Land Camera Black


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Great working condition with 6 months warranty

Rate 8/10 overall condition.

The Polaroid 2000 is an instant camera for the SX-70 format.
It is identical to the Polaroid Pronto! And all in black.
The round trigger is green.

The Polaroid 2000 is from the 70s and was sold for the international market, outside America.

The camera is designed for SX-70 films designed as the SX-70 Time Zero.
Polaroid does not produce more films, but there are of The ImpossibleProject matching instant film for Polaroid 2000.


Manufacturer: Polaroid

Name: Polaroid 2000

Format: SX-70

Focal length: 116 mm

Focus: 0.9m (3 feet) to infinity (infinitely adjustable)

maximum aperture: f / 9.4

Exposure time: -

Flash / Flash Connection: flashable connection



Reviewed by 

Ignacio Linares

Hi to all, first I am going to introduce myself. I am Ignacio Linares and I come from Spain but work as a photographer in Germany.

Part of my work as a Photographer is to buy and test new cameras. I like 35mm but since 3 years ago I discovered medium format and I try to find as many cameras as I can to test, fix and resell them. I keep the ones I feel more comfortable with.

On last January I found a Polaroid Land SX-70 camera from a private vendor. I was getting acquainted with it before but, as it is a bit expensive to shoot a Polaroid nowadays, I didn´t really get into this world up until now.

The only cameras I had used for instant photography were the plastic ones that take 600 type film. With the new SX-70 in my hands, things got a bit more serious and I started doing some homework to see what kind of film I could use with it. At the moment only Impossible makes film suitable for this camera.

I shot two or three packs of film in the last 3 years and always with a bit of catastrophic results, but with this camera in my hand I decided to really get into it.

In the last three months, I made some research to find out that there are some different models of this SLR polaroid camera.

The SX-70 cameras were introduced for the first time in 1972. It's a reflex camera that allows you to capture what you see through the viewfinder, unlike most (or all) 600 cameras made of plastic that have a viewfinder on the side of the camera, made of plastic. This one has a 4 glass elements lens that lend a better quality to the photos.




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