Polaroid Sx-70 Sonar Onestep instant camera with autofocus


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Overall condition 7.5/10, All functions working, autofocus working great, lens is clean and clear, viewfinder has some small dust does not affect image, comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial number: 5E942580128


The later Sonar OneStep (introduced in 1978) and SLR 680 models were equipped with a sonar autofocus system. This sonar autofocus system greatly helped the user's ability to focus the camera, especially in dark environments, and could be turned off if manual focus was needed. The Sonar OneStep models were the first autofocus SLRs available to consumers. The later SLR 680/690 models updated the basic design of the Sonar OneStep to more modern standards by incorporating support for newer 600 film cartridges instead of SX-70 cartridges, and a built-in flash instead of the disposable "Flash Bar". Today they are the most evolved forms of the SX-70, and are highly sought after by Polaroid enthusiasts.

Though expensive, the SX-70 was popular in the 1970s and retains a cult following today...

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