Expired Portra 160 NC 120 Colour Negative Film


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** This film expired in July 2007 **


Rocking Kodaks special T-grain technology, the Kodak Portra 160 NC 120 Color Negative Film offers everything a professional portrait photographer could ask for. Get fine grain, smooth skin tones, natural colours from this medium-format emulsion. This film is expired but will still yield spectacular results! - read more
  • T-Grain technology
  • Good for faithful colours
  • 160 iso

A review by shutterfinger :

A couple of months ago a Kodak field rep asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their newest color negative film, Portra 160. If the name sounds familiar it’s because Portra 160 isn’t entirely new. It’s the replacement for its predecessors, Portra 160NC and 160VC. Portra 160VC (for “vivid color”) featured higher saturation and contrast than the NC (“natural color”) version. Portra 160 has the same color saturation and contrast as 160NC and finer grain than NC or VC. Those who need more film speed may be relieved to know that Kodak still offers Portra 400 and 800, both of which are fine films in their own right.
Interestingly enough, Portray 160 has slightly lower acutance than either its predecessors or Portra 400. That’s because it’s primarily designed to be a portrait film. When you’re taking pictures of people you’re generally looking for smooth tonality rather than biting sharpness and micro contrast. Bear in mind that I'm referring to how the film grain looks at high magnification, not how sharp the overall image appears. That's ultimately up to you. -Read more






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Category: color negative

Type: 120 camera films

Vendor: kodak

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