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Praktica LTL SLR with Rikenon 50mm f1.7


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The Praktica LTL is an East German 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable M42 screw mount lenses and stop down TTL metering, produced from December 1970 to November 1975 by Pentacon.

It has a vertical-run focal plane shutter, with speeds from 1s to 1/1000 + B and a self timer operated by a rotating lever below the front-mounted shutter-release.

The meter is operated by a button on the side of the mirror housing, which is pushed back to stop down the lens and activate the meter. Film speeds for the meter are set by a scale inset into the top of the shutter-speed dial. The meter requires a PX625 mercury battery or equivalent; otherwise camera is entirely mechanical.


  • Praktica LTL 35mm SLR.
  • Shutter speed 1sec to 1/1000 + B.
  • Selectable flash sync speed of 1/125.
  • ASA 12 to 1600 meter film speed range.
  • Auto frame counter with zero on opening the film chamber.
  • Metal, vertical travel, focal plane shutter.
  • Hot shoe flash sync.
  • Front, angled shutter release threaded for cable release.
  • Stop down, match needle metering & depth of field preview lever.
  • Warning in the viewfinder when frame not advanced.
  • Fresnel screen, micro-prism centre and ground glass outer circle to aid focusing.
  • Auto aperture with suitable lens.
  • Self-timer with its own release button.
  • M42 lens mount.
  • Reference: https://simonhawketts.co.uk/2016/01/05/praktica-ltl-35mm-vintage-slr-camer/

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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Praktica