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Ricoh KR-5 SLR Camera with Rikonar 55mm f2.2


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7/10 condition come with 6 months warranty 

Serial Number: 50116456

* Lens is fixed


The KR-5 is one of a series of SLRs for 35mm film made by Ricoh, all accepting K-mount lenses. (Later models include the KR-5 Super, KR-5 Super II, etc.) The original KR-5 was introduced in 1978, and in some markets it is designated the Ricoh XR500.

The original KR-5 is the first in the series, from about 1979, and is the most limited. Its standard lens only offers a speed of f/2.2, and its range of shutter speeds is 1/8–1/500th sec. plus B, with flash sync at 1/60th sec. or lower. Two 1.5v silver-oxide batteries are needed to power the light metering circuit, which has a match-needle indicator in the viewfinder. The wind lever must be pulled away from the body to switch on the meter and unlock the shutter release.


  • Film Format and Frame Size: 35mm film, 24x36mm.
  • Lens Mount: K Mount
  • Exposure meter: TTL full open metering for center-weighted average light reading coupled automatically to f-stop.
  • Focusing: Split-image spot in microprism band
  • Film Speed: ASA 12-3200
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled. 1/8 - 1/500 +B , A mode
  • Viewfinder: Field of view covers 93%. 0,88X magnification.
  • Flash terminal: X synchro contact
  • Batteries: Two LR-44 Alkaline batteries or two SR-44 Silver Oxide batteries.



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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Ricoh