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Ricoh R-ex 70z zoom camera 35mm film camera


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8/10 overall condition comes with 6 months warranty.

SN# 60133037


The R-ex 70z as one of a small series including the 90z, 105z and 120z. When a film is loaded into this camera, it is all rolled out of the cassette on to the take up spool and then rolled back into the cassette as the photos are taken. The frame counter counts back to 1. If there is no film in the camera there is no number displayed on the LCD. It is possible to rewind the film at any point leaving a small length outside the cassette for future reload. 

These features prevent the photos being ruined if the back is opened accidentally, prevent photos being taken with no film in the camera and allow changing of films. They are usually found on much more expensive cameras.  It was also available with a date back.



  • Automatic film loading.
  • Automatic, motorized film advance after each shot, and auto-rewind when the roll is done.
  • Built-in flash, that can be forced off, or forced on.
  • Self-timer
  • Data back to imprint the date and time on each photo (this can be disabled, and there are 4 different date formats available)
  • Slow-sync flash mode
  • Back-light Exposure Compensation mode (a pre-set +1.5 EV exposure compensation setting)







Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Ricoh