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Ricoh R-Ex 90z 35mm Point and Shoot Camera w 38-90mm zoom lens (LCD Defect)

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Ricoh R-Ex 90z 35mm Point and Shoot Camera w 38-90mm zoom lens

*** The LCD Screen has factory defect, everything else works great***

*** Free 6 Month Warranty***

In this kit:

1) Ricoh R-Ex 90z 35mm point and shoot with 38-90mm lens


The Ricoh R-Ex 90z is a compact telephoto zoom point and shoot camera. It is the perfect as an everyday film camera. It has a powerful flash and a very accurate autofocus system. This camera has an amazing zoom lens which is great for all types of photography such as portraits, street, and landscape etc. Being Ricoh that lens is also very sharp. It’s the perfect camera to carry around and take documentary style pictures with, from your outdoors adventures to parties this camera will cover it all.
Please note the LCD defect will not affect the photos, it may be difficult to use the settings. These cameras need a powerful battery. Please allow time for the red flashing to stop between shots using flash. If shooting during sunny/overcast days you can use the camera without flash which will have a faster refresh rate between shots.
  • Type: Point and shoot
  • Manufacturer: Ricoh
  • Film: 35mm
  • Shutter: 9 sec - 1/350
  • Ricoh Ricoh lens 38mm f4.9 - 90mm f10.9
  • Active-Type Autofocus. 2.6ft - infinity
  • Flash. Auto mode in dim light
  • ISO Range : 100-1600
  • Auto Winding and Auto Loading
  • 185g (without battery)