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RICOH ShotMaster 130z Point And Shoot 35mm camera


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 Condition: 9/10 - Cosmetically this camera is mint. comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial: FA141705


Top of the line in the Shotmaster series, this camera features a quick and silent 38-130mm aspheric lens. With many built-in functionsThis is essentially the same camera as the RZ3000, but with modified appearance. The date is uncertain: the Shotmaster series generally preceded the RZ's. The date back reverts to 0/0/00 which may be significant. Very similar cameras were sold as the Shotmaster 130Z, Myport 330 (Japan), and the RZ3000s.


Fully automatic 35 mm autofocus lens shutter camera with built-in zoom lens

Lens: 38 mm f/4.5-130 mm f/9.5 zoom lens

6 elements, 3 groups

Focusing: Multi-autofocus type with single AF facility

Passive type with auxiliary AF light in dark conditions

Multi-autofocus in 7 zones

Min. focus distance: 1.0 m (3.3 ft.)-infinity (Panorama: 2.0 m (6.6 h.))

Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter: 2-1/330 sec.

Viewfinder: Real image zoom viewfinder With LCD display for AF target marks (Tale/Wide/

Single), focus spot marks, and panorama mask

Exposure Adjustment: Dual SPD photocell, Programmed zoom AE with automatic backlight control

Coupling range EV3.5-17 (Wide, ISO 100), EV5.8-19.3 (Tele) (ISO 100)

Film Speed: ISO 50-3200, Compatible with DX code system, Non-DX films are set to ISO 100 

Film Load/Wind/Rewinding: Ricoh auto-load system pre-wind system. Film pre-winds to the last frame number

when back cover closed. Mid-roll rewind possible

Exposure Counter: Electronic, Counts down number of exposures left

Built-in Flash: Electronic Flash automatically activates in dim light and backlight.

Modes: Auto, Red eye reduction, On. Off, Slow synchro, Red eye reduction slow


Flash Range: Guide number; 17-21 (ISO 100/m) 56-69 (ISO 100/ft.)

(ISO 100) Wide: 1 m-5.3 m (3.3 ff.-17.5 ft.)

Tele: 1 m-3.2 m (3.3 ft.-10.5 ft.)

(ISO 400) Wide: 1 m-10.6 m (3.3 h.-35 ft.)

Tele: 1 m-6.4 m (3.3 ft.-21 ft.)

Flash Recycle Time: Approx. 4 sec.

Other Features: Twin dial selector with/LED, Zoom flash, Super night mode, Action mode, Portrait mode, Inf. mode, Single AF mode. Continuous Shooting mode.

Remote control possible with optional remote controller RC-3/RC-3N

Date imprinting (date version), Switchable panorama mid-roll

Power Source: 3V lithium battery x 2 CR1 23A or equivalent 4www.butkus.org

Dimensions: 128 mm (W) x 72 mm (H) x 52 mm (D),

5 in. (W) x 2.8 in. (H) X 2 in. (D)

Weight: ~ 295 9/10.4 oz. (without battery) 




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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Ricoh