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Vivitar 250 SL with 50mm f1.8


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8.5/10 Overall conditions comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial Number: 95300187

Lens serial: 96608182


The Vivitar 250/SL was a Cosina-made M42 mount, 35mm SLR, marketed by Vivitar. The Vivitar 250/SL was identical to the Vivitar 220/SL except for the addition of a shutter release lock lever, a battery check light, and a battery check button. The two cameras have identical specification and share the same instruction manual.


  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Cosina
  • Film: 35mm film with speeds 25-1600 ASA (15 to 33 DIN)
  • Lens mount: M42 screw mount with aperture release mechanics
  • Shutter: Copal Square metal focal plane shutter with speeds 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. or B
  • Metering: CdS stop down TTL metering
  • Exposure: shutter speed selected manually
  • Viewfinder: pentaprism finder, focusing aid on screen, ocular with frame for finder accessories
  • Film advance: lever with analog exposure counter, rewind unlock button and rewind crank
  • Power: SP 675 mercury cell 1.35 V


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Category: 35mm camera, slr

Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Vivitar