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Voigtlander Vitessa version 5 Rangefinder Camera with Ultron 50mm f/2


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Overall condition 8/10  all function working, finder is clean and clear, some minor wear on the body from use and comes with 6 months warranty. Camera also includes four original Voighlander vitessa filters, original chrome lens hood and the original ever ready leather case.

Serial number: 52899


The Vitessa was an innovative 35mm folding rangefinder camera made by Voigtländer in the 1950s. The folding bed was replaced by a barn-door assembly, the focusing was operated by the user's right thumb via a wheel on the back of the top plate, with a distance dial (and depth-of-field scale) set into the top plate. The film advance and shutter cocking were operated with a large plunger rod pointing out of the top plate, that could be retracted when the camera was folded.


  • Synchro-Compur leaf shutter, 1-1/500
  • Back cover: removable
  • Strap lugs
  • Cold shoe
  • PC flash socket
  • Automatic parallax correction

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One of the most striking feature you will realise in the Vitessa is the lack of a film advance lever or winder. In its place, a long rod that looked like an antenna of an early 80s cellphone which Voigtlander calls "Combi-Plunger". By fully depressing the Combi-Plunger, you would advance the film and ready the shutter. To stow for transportation or storage, press the Combi-Plunger 90% of its way down.

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Instagram sample photo:

Collections: Rangefinder

Type: 35mm

Vendor: Voigtlander

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