Voigtlander Bessa R4M 35mm rangefinder with 21mm f4 (with 6 months warranty)


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Condition 8/10, Everything working, all speeds accurate, light metre working, lens is clean and clear, really big and bright viewfinder! Comes with 6 months warranty.



The Voigtlander Bessa R4M is a rangefinder camera designed with the wide-angle shooter specifically in mind. It has built-in parallax projected framelines for 21, 25, 28, 35, and 50mm lenses. As a result, you no longer need to use an external viewfinder mounted on top of the camera. This means that you can now both frame and focus directly from the built-in viewfinder, eliminating the need to having to move your eye to a separate viewfinder.

Besides for the wide-angle viewfinder of the R4A camera, all other features are identical to the Bessa R3A. Of course, all of the original Bessa R's outstanding features are retained; an exceptionally bright viewfinder, quiet shutter & simple LED metering system. Many internal parts of the R4 are made of metal instead of plastic (as on the Bessa R), resulting in a camera which feels more solid and durable in one's hands.

This camera features a mechanical shutter release. This makes it possible to use the camera even without batteries, albeit without metering.



  • Manually selected 21/35, 28, or 25/50 parallax corrected brightlines, .52x viewfinder magnification

  • Rangefinder Close focus .7 meter

  • Meter range EV1-EV19 (ISO 100 f/1.4 at 1 sec to f/16 at 1/2000th)

  • TTL center weighted ambient light metering

  • Meter display after shutter is advanced with light pressure on shutter release

  • Batteries two 1.5V alkaline LR44 or silver SR44

  • Adaptable to the Bessa Trigger Winder or Bessa Grips

  • Electronic flash sync at 1/125th and slower

  • Manually set shutter speeds 1 second to 1/2000th plus B

  • Leica M mount 35mm film cameras

  • Manual film advance or film rewind

  • Easy film loading with hinged back

  • Size: 135.5mm width x 81mm height x 33.5mm


The Lens:

This Voigtländer 21mm lens is the best 21mm lens ever made for Leica cameras, regardless of price.

In this Voigtländer lens, the spirit of Oskar Barnack has been revived. This lens is tiny, and works at least as well optically as anything ever sold by Leica.

Rangefinder focus and TTL metering work perfectly.

It is as sharp, and sometimes sharper, than the $4,300 Leica 21mm f2.8 ASPH to which I compared it directly.

How can this be? Probably because this Voigtländer lens is only f/4, which is far easier to design and manufacture than trying to push things with the modern f/2.8 ASPH lens from Leica, which has to be much bigger and much more expensive just to retain the same optical quality. It costs a lot in many ways to add just one stop of lens speed.

Now before you Leica boys have heart attacks (or simply stop reading), go do as I did and get one of each of these lenses in your hot little hands at the same time and go shoot them head-to-head, with a scientifically valid target, like the view at infinity from atop a mountain on a very clear day. Look at the film yourself.

If you do your tests correctly, which is to vary only one aspect (the lens) and nothing else, you'll see what I did: this Voigtländer lens is as good as the Leica lens, and sharper in the centre at larger apertures.



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