Queens Birthday long weekend!


YES! In case you didn't know it's the Queens Birthday long weekend - going away for holidays, relaxing at home, getting piss drunk with your mates (Guilty hehe) - the options are limitless! Or maybe you plan on dressing up as the Queen yourself! (Gaz forced me too, I swear). 

If you are wanting to grab some Polaroid or camera film, we have plenty in the shop at the moment! Impossible Colour 600 for your trip to the mountains, Portra for your daytime drinking party, Peel apart FP100C for some portraits of a beautiful model and Agfa Vista 400 for your mate puking his guts up. 

We are currently selling Polaroid colour 600 Gold & Silver frame for $28.50 a pack! Perfect for your weekend shenanigans! 

We also still have plenty of Animal Skin Polaroid 600 for the same price of $28.50 & Cinestill 35mm 800 Tungsten Xpro C-41(Holy crap that's a mouthful)!  

We will be open tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am - 3pm at 367 Mile Lane, Parkville! 

Also stay tuned for our stocktake sale coming up shortly! 

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