Photo Printing now Available!

Very often we get asked, 'do you print these photos or will I get them digitally?"

The good news is that the answer is now both!

For an additional $15 per roll, you can get beautiful high quality 6x4" prints of your roll for you to keep!  Printed on a lustre finish with no borders, using our Fujifilm DX100 Smartlab Frontier-S Inkjet Printer. 


Our turn around time for photo printing is an additional three days on top of the develop and scan time. For example, a 35mm C-41 roll may take 2 days to receive your digital scans, but an additional 3 days for your prints to be ready to collect along with your negatives.

So how do you add it to your order?

Simply request it when dropping off your rolls, or select it on our lab drop off form!

Can I send in my own images to print?

At this time we don't offer printing of individual files or photos that are not also a dev+scan order.

What if I get a blank roll?

We'll contact you and will offer a gift card of the print cost.

I only have a 24 shot roll, do I get a discount?

At this time all print orders are charged at a flat rate regardless of total exposures. However if a roll yields significantly less images than it's meant to we'll be in contact to discuss.

I have a medium format roll, will you crop it to fit the 6x4" image size?

All images that do not fit to 6x4" will be printed with white borders as to not crop into the image.

Happy printing!

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