New stock, World Cup & Polaroid workshop

So there is a few things to cover this afternoon! (Gonna need a few cups of coffee for this one!)

New stock:
We now have in two new Impossible Project items! 

Introducing theeeee: 

Impossible Project SX-70/SLR 680 Cable Release  

That's right! You can now plug this into the side of your camera allowing you to take analogue selfies, set it up on your tripod for a steady shot and do long exposures in the dark! Yes, you can now do star trail photos ON POLAROID when used with the new Time Machine (Calm down Whovians, not that kind!) ! Pretttty cool hey! Although it does look a little like it's meant to be hooked up to TNT (Don't get any ideas!)

We also now have the:

Impossible Project black leather bag

A brand spanking new black bag for your Polaroid Sx-70 SLR! A stylish way to protect your precious camera! Keeps the dirt, dust and evil mould away from your camera! It comes with a handle so you can easily carry it out around, or put it into your bag! The black also doesn't get as dirty as the white bags, meaning it retains it's black colour for ages! 

We have on preorder the new sx-70 670M SLR Camera

A beautiful chrome Sx-70 SLR with the compatible Time Machine! You can now control the shutter speed of your SLR with a fixed aperture of F/8! You can now capture photos at shutter speeds of 1/2000! That's faster than Usain Bolt! 

Read more info in the link! 

World cup

In case you haven't heard already it's the Soccer World cup being hosted in Brazil!
First game is between the Beachy Brazilians and the Clean Croatians! 

Talk to Gary about the game because I personally don't care much for the sport! Hehe. 

Polaroid Workshop


On the 22nd of this month, The Instant Camera Guy will be teaming up with us at FND to host a workshop based on everything you could ever wanna know about Polaroid! 
Covering topics such as:

- Different types of Polaroid cameras
- A history of The Impossible Project 
- Pro's and Con's of each model and film
- How to use your film correctly
- Common issues and troubleshooting

Cost is $20 per person, or $45 per person with an included pack of instant film of your choice! So bring your Polaroid, Instax or Peel Apart camera and we'll be able to show you how to use it! 

Leave comments and RSVP on this page or contact Gary at "" to secure your place!

We hope to see you there! 

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