Australia Day photo walk

Otherwise known as the Snap Happy Australia Day Photowalk hosted by Vanbar! 

This Monday the 26th of January (Australia day...please don't tell me you forgot....)  

A disposable snap camera view of Australia Day in Melbourne. You're welcome to bring your digital or film camera along with your disposable snap camera for this photowalk day. We'll stalk and be part of the peoples parade then wander the king's domain for snaps, food, cars, music and of course people.

We're meeting at Fed Square, Melbourne, at 9am. The theme is Disposable Camera (film) but everyone is welcome to use any camera (digital or film)

Samyang have provided 6 lenses for demo on the day:

m4/3 mount: 10mm/2.8 and 12mm/2.8.
I have asked to replace the 12mm/2.8 fish eye with the 12m/2.0 ultra wide.

Nikon mount: 16mm/2.0 ultra wide (APS-C) and the 12mm/2.8 fish eye (full frame)

Canon Mount: 24mm/1.4 and 12mm/2.8 fish eye.

The deal from Vanbar: there will be an extra 5% off on all Samyang lenses purchased next week. Our normal price is 10% off RRP, to this will make it 15% off RRP. It applies to all Samyang lenses in stock at Vanbar at the moment and even those that are ordered and paid for during next week.

There will be a 20% discount on film processing as well.

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