If FilmNeverDie were to ever sell one product, this would be it....

If FilmNeverDie is ever going to only sell one item, then it will be the Polaroid SX-70 instant camera, like the one shown above. But to be honest, because it’s a Polaroid camera, we can’t just sell one product, we need to sell the film that goes with the camera too! So maybe I was a little deceptive with the title, we would be a 2 product shop. Selling SX-70 Cameras and it’s compatible film.

 First let me clarify, the confusing thing about saying 'SX-70' is that it can mean two different types of cameras:


The Sx-70 Box rainbow stripe / Pronto type plastic camera 




The Single Lens Reflex camera that is collapsible and originally came in chrome with tan leather , which is what this article about, the latter model.


The reason why we really barrack for this camera is because of how it was made. It is  the improved version of Polaroid instant technology, moving from Peel a-part technology (where you peel the positive and negative apart and shake it like a polaroid) to an integrated technology where the the negative and the positive emulsion are all encapsulated into one image. The overall size of the print was 3.5 x 4.2 in. (8.8 x 10.7 cm) with the image area: 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" (7.9 x 7.9 cm).



For this one you DO NOT 'shake it like a Polaroid picture' because it will ruin the bottom part of the photo. The chemicals don't spread evenly onto the image, and it creates weird blotches on the image.

The reason why we admire this camera so much is because of the amount of ideas, thoughts, and work that had been invested into this camera, not to mention the cost of bringing this product into reality too.

First off, the camera is immaculately designed, it’s not only a Polaroid camera but its also an SLR camera that is collapsible (A SLR camera that is collapsible!!) that comes in a timely sexy chrome with tan leather.

Second, being an SLR camera means that it allows you have full control over the image in terms of the focus, and it comes with an electric eye (photo meter) and allows full auto exposure photos at an f/8 aperture. 

Third off, the image quality from this camera is just amazing, you get a nice depth of field and the camera allows you to focus from 1 foot (quite close up) right to infinity. With it’s glass lens, once you get it right, it's incredibly sharp.

Finally it costed Polaroid $600 million in R&D, back in the 70's.It cost the company another $600 million to create the integrated film system.
This was made possible because of the relentless pursuit by Dr. Edwin Land - the perfectionist (often compared to the Steve Jobs of our time).

This product was so revolutionary that the current mobile devices we are using today, uses the miniature screw that Polaroid invented.

Not to mention that the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol used one prominently for his artwork when he was alive.

 All in all, this means that this is really a classic, yet still revolutionary and a very collectable camera. (Yes, no replica can be produced even today because of the complexity of the camera).


At FilmNeverDie, we pride ourselves as the Polaroid experts. Not only do we collect & resell with 6 months warranty, but we also refurbish and repair this legendary camera when required. All of this made possible by the hardwork our team has invested and also the partnership we have with Jake Bright AKA The Instant Camera Guy.

If you ever want to try one out, please come and test them out in our store! We are happy to give you a product demonstration. You are in good hands.







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