Mint's Polaroid SLR 670m review!

Mint has created an innovative new SLR camera that uses the 'Time-Machine', a little gadget that allows you to control the shutter speed on the camera, achieving perfect exposure for every shooting condition!      


Body: The camera is a modified Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1. According to knowledge from a reliable source, the camshaft inside the body has been modified, which keeps the camera at a fixed f/8 aperture. The circuit boards would also have been modified in some way. The beautiful polished chrome body is decked out in jet black leather. It looks as sexy as it performs. 

Lens: As said before, the lens is at a fixed aperture of f/8. It still features old manual focus, but this isn't much of a loss as it allows more control over your image. The exposure dial is still featured, but only works when the time machine is removed from the camera. Focus range is from 10" - infinity, so you can still get super close macro shots. 

Time-Machine: The newest innovation in modern Polaroid technology. A little black box, with a dial on top, allowing you to control the shutter speed on the camera. Speeds range from 1/2000 - Bulb. Having bulb & time mode makes it so much easier to get perfect lowlight shots.
Bulb keeps the shutter open for as long as you have your finger on the shutter button.
Time keeps opens the lens after one press and closes after a second press (Don't hold down the button though, otherwise it will keep the shutter open for ~1 second, wasting a photo).
As always recommended though, it's best to use a sturdy tripod, to avoid camera shake (Even better, use the new shutter release, to achieve perfect sharpness!). The time machine, is powered by the batteries in the film pack, which is even easier than having to rely on extra batteries. 
It's also not cross-compatible with any other camera, and only works on the 670m, as it did have to be modified. 

Accessories: The camera can still be used with a flash, but it means removing the time machine, so you will be back to using auto mode.
As said previously, it is compatible with a shutter release, which is recommended when using bulb mode.
You can also still use the close up lens kit, which means going even closer than 25cm!


Using 600 film: There is two options to use 600 film on this camera. 

A) - Use the time machine, by using a light meter set to 600iso at f/8. Then select the shutter speed on your time machine. 

B) - Set your camera to auto mode, by removing the time machine, and using an ND filter over your film pack. 

Warranty: This camera comes with 3 years technical warranty provided by Mint. 

Downsides: Nothing is ever perfect, and we wouldn't want to lie to you. The first camera we tested started spitting out a whole pack of film by itself, without us touching anything. We think a bit of dust, or a tiny metal filing joined two tracks together causing the problem. This shouldn't happen regularly at all, but it still best to be aware in case it does happen. Lucky Mint provided that 3 years warranty hey! 
And as mentioned before, the flash and the time machine can't be used together. 

Special deals:
We are selling the camera along with:

-Mint flash bar II
-Frog tongue for SLR SX-70
-SLR SX-70 shutter release cable
-Neutral Density (ND) Filter (use on film pack) 
-Mint SX-70 Lens Set 
-Impossible SX-70 Black Leather Bag

This is the full kit to get you right into Polaroid, taking the most amazing photos possible! 

$990 or offer us a special price! 

Example photos: 


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