Whacky Revolog films

If you are looking for some really out there, bizarre photos from a roll of 35mm film look no further than Revolog films - custom, handmade special effect films all the way from Vienna!  

'Revolog produces special effect films for analog photographic cameras. Every film is handmade. Currently Revolog sells ten different effect films, but is planning to enlarge their stock.
The films are sold through the webshop and can be exposed and developed as usual.' 

It is ran by Michael Krebs & Hannah Pribitzer, two old photography students who met at college in Vienna. 
It started off with Michael trying to find ways to make film 'age quicker', by doing things like baking them. After this, he realised he needed some stronger effects for his diploma work, so he teamed up with Hannah and just went crazy with experimentation. After a few batches, people were coming up asking for rolls of the 'destroyed film', so they saw the potential for a company and went for it! 

How do they make these films? 
Well they haven't divulged the actual details, but we do know a few simple things. They start off with an idea of how they want the film to look, and see what results they can achieve in the darkroom. Sometimes these experiments work and sometimes they don't. A lot of the films are pre-exposed, in one way or another to achieve the results. They are all available to use in C-41 chemicals, so any lab in the world is able to develop them! 

Effects that can be found range from whacked out colours to light streaks and textures in each of the films! 
Analogue photography is already a huge surprise when you're waiting for the photos back from the lab, Revolog just makes that surprise even bigger! You really don't know what to expect, and where the effects will land in your photos! 

Some of the rolls are 36exp and others are 12exp. So it really forces you to make the most of each photo you take. 

All of our revolog films can be found here!

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