Polaroid 600 fisheye camera

Our good friend Jake The Instant Camera Guy has created a one of a kind polaroid camera that the world has never seen before! 

Based on an original box type SX-70 camera, it has been modified to take 600 type film. 
A list of innovative features include:
- A removable fisheye lens allows for super wide angle fisheye photos
- Focus free design means that everything is in focus from 30cm (1ft) to infinity when the fisheye lens is attached.
- The removable design of the fisheye lens allows the camera to take standard photos when not attached
- The cameras original light meter has been modified and recalibrated to 600 ISO, 600 type instant films, instead of the original 100ISO SX-70 film. This light meter calibration means that the shutter now fires 4x faster than the original factory settings allowed. This means a greater ability to capture action shots, and crisper photos in darker weather
- Cold shoe mount, for an accessory fisheye viewfinder
- Removal of original SX-70 film rails inside the camera, to make it easier to insert packs of film

It is a great fun camera to use, perfect for crazy daytime photos and mental nightime photos with a flash! 


For those of you who have ever played around with a circular fisheye lens, like the Lomography fisheye, it is a fantastic way to get the same whacky photos with warped polaroid colours! 

Great to get in REAAALLLL close for portraits of your mates! 

We have them in the shop when Jake has the chance to make one. We sell them for $200 on pre-order or $250 when we have it in stock! Keep your eyes peeled on the website for one listed, and be quick! They sell FAST!

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