Perfect Portra deal - Cheapest price in Australia!

The price? $15 a roll! For the professional quality of Portra that's definitely a bargain deal! 

It is a medium speed colour negative film literally designed to get perfect portraits the analogue way! (The name Portra kinda gives it away huh? haha). The new Portra replaces the previous versions, Portra400VC (Vivid Colour) and Portra400NC (Neutral Colour), which to be honest was just a waste of time bothering to differentiate between the two. So I'm glad Kodak has delivered the updated version and just offers the one version (As well as 160 & 800 iso versions). Which is SOOO much better! 

It has exceptional colour saturation and contrast, fine grain due to the 'T-Grain' structure and a wide latitude in a huge range of shooting conditions. Bright sun, dark shadows, indoors, low light - seriously ANYWHERE! 

One of my favourite things about this film is how much it can be pushed and pulled with no loss of quality. Seriously, from 50 - 3200 iso and next to no loss of quality from the grain or colours. (Provided your lab doesn't royally screw it up!) 
This is INCREDIBLE, for a colour negative film. You usually see that kind of performance from a traditional BW film. 

As the name does imply its use for portraits, it can be still be used as a great landscape or general shooting film. It's medium speed means you are able to capture somewhat fast action (With summer not far away, think of your mates mid air about to nail that bellywhacker into the pool, and then his face in PAIIINNN!). Plus the warmer weather is a good benefit for this film. It has a tenancy towards warmer colours, and really brings those tones out. 


When scanned at High-Res, you can blow this film up to enormous sizes to deliver a high quality print, capable of being exhibited.

But anyway, take my word for it, or don't! 

We are selling it here for $15 per roll!

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