The Complete Sx-70

The Complete Sx-70 Combo! With the latest SLR670m in stock, we present you this one and only Completed Sx-70 package. From the Top right moving down:

Mint Flash Version 2 - to shoot in the dark

Frog Tongue SLR Sx-70 - to block out sun in the day

SLR sx-70 shutter release cable- for long exposure

Neutral Density (ND) Filter (use on film pack) - to use 600 polaroid films on Sx-70

Legendary Mint - SLR670m - with the latest Time Machine to use manual control on Shutter Speed

Mint Sx-70 Lense Set - give you Fish Eye , Close up and another ND filter (on lens) with blue and yellow filter (for BW to be more contrast, or colour correct)

Impossible Sx-70 Black Leather Bag - allow you to go the further , deeper or higher to capture the best Polaroid picture, while protecting your camera!


Price ? you asked? Come in store or just Chat us up online then we reveal :D 

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