All you need to know - Sx-70 Polaroid Rainbow Box camera

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Sx-70 Polaroid Box camera -non-folding type rigid camera

  • 1 element plastic lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6)
  • 4ft minimum focus distance.
  • Exposure compensation dial around electric eye

eg: Classic Polaroid Rainbow Stripe , The Button 1000 Sx-70 Polaroid camera

Similar to the Polaroid 600 cameras , this is highly affordable plastic lens polaroid point and shoot camera, but instead of using the polaroid 600 films this camera uses the Sx-70 films and often does not come with flash. But the sx-70 type camera ( both SLR or Point and shoot) share the same films and General Electric disposable flash bar or the newer Mint flash (uses AAA batteries).

the Sx-70 box camera is arguably the almost the most well known polaroid camera due to this white colour with rainbow stripe classic look. Even if you stop using it functionally this camera still sits very prettily on the shelf.

At the moment these are the compatible Sx-70 films :
How to use :
How to use Polaroid Sx-70 box rainbow video:


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