All you need to know about Sx-70 Alpha Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Polaroid Land Camera

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Sx-70  camera (est. 1972)

Is the first Polaroid camera that integrated the positive and negative into one instant picture without the need to peel a part the negative. Back in 1972 its a revolutionary method to get  Polaroid without the need to create much waste and this system also allow better picture to be created by avoiding overdeveloping the film (compared to peel-a-part).

Not to be confused with the non-fold-able Sx-70 Land rainbow box camera which both takes the same films but the Sx-70 Land rainbow or any Sx-70 box camera is a stripped down, affordable version of Polaroid point and shoot camera.

As the earlier Polaroid peel a part series you will need to time the development of the pictures perfectly in order to avoid over developed polaroid photos.

Rumour has it that Polaroid Corporation spent $500 million to create this first Single Lens Reflex Polaroid instant camera, it was such a cutting edge technology back in the 1970's that created our tiny screw that we still using it in our mobile phone today and paving the way for the creation of smaller electronic devices.

Rumour also has it that they have spent another $500 million to ensure the polaroid integrated film work flawlessly. As you could imagine the precision it need to make sure the chemical pod in the polaroid films is of the right size so that it will not squeeze out and jam the roller during ejection of the picture, on the other hand they also need to ensure there are enough chemical there to spread to the whole sheet evenly of negative to ensure proper printing of the photo.

Back in the 1970, there was no company except Polaroid can afford up to one billion in R&D for this camera and with Edwin Land's revolutionary vision relentlessly to pursue of perfection, as a result the sx-70 is the only advanced SLR poalroid instant camera even as of this writing in October 2013.

The camera was cleverly crafted that when you collapse it, it can be fit into your pocket (mind you, you would probably need pants with huge pockets and a good belt!) and when you extend it the camera encompass all the mechanics you need to print a high quality picture , often done with bokeh or narrow depth of field too.

These are the specs of a Sx-70 SLR alpha camera.

  • weigh: ~ 1kg
  • size: 10.5 cm x 17.6cm x14cm (Opened) 10.5cm x 17.6cm x 6cm (Folded)
  • lens: four glass elements, Focal lenght is at 116 mm, aperture is at F8-F22
  • Auto Exposure: 1/175 sec to 14 sec exposure time 
  • ISO: Electric eye metering at 150 iso
  • focus distant 1 feet to infinity
  • manual focus/auto focus :
  • film type - sx-70 films
  • flash mount - uses the flash bar or the newer mint sx-70 flash uses rechargable batter
  • famous user- Andy Warhol

There are only a handful of models of sx-70 alpha SLR camera, as compared to hunders of Polaroid 600 camreas. Thank god and often the value of these camera hold up very well because of the high manufacturing precision and high quality of the camrea.

  • The very first model is the Sx-70 Camera- the most collectable model
  • Follow by Sx-70 Model 2, better machinic although it uses more plastic components but its a more stable model
  • sx-70 model 3 - no view of the subject as the viewfinder is only to use as a guidance and focusing is based on distant estimation.
  • Sx-70 Sonar - one of the most practical model as it uses the state of the art ultrasonic focusing system at the time, allowing precise focusing even at pitch black night.
  • SLR 680 - improved version of the Sx-70 Sonar compatible with 600 series camera with smart flash (which will tilte the flash according to where the subject is). 
  • SLR 690 - japan only model of the SLR 680, with more complex and less fixable machanics if broken.
At the moment these are the compatible Sx-70 films :
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Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha how to use 1
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Accessories :
Multi Lens add-ons set:
Sx-70 Multi add on lens
New leather bag white
How to use Sx-70 alpha 1 SLR video:

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