Welcome to FilmNeverDie Lab Mail-in Order Service.

You will be asked to sign in to your FilmNeverDie.com account to place an order in our mail-in order system.
This is to provide you with a better experience while protecting your personal information.
if you don't have one, please Sign Up.

After you have placed and paid the order, please send your film in a suitable box or padded envelope to the following address via parcel service:

Gary Wong
(03) 8899 7586
6 Watertank Way, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Once we have received your film, we will verify it with the order you have paid.
If the total price is correct, we will process your order and send you a link to your scans when available.
If the number doesn't match, we will re-calculate the total amount based on the film type we actually received.
We will send you a link to pay the difference, or issue a refund.

For push or pull or any special attention needed, please leave comments in Notes section.
If extra charges are involved, we will send you difference payment link upon verifying your orders.

Price List and Turnaround

35mm Dev and Scan 120 Dev and Scan Dev Only
C41 $13 / 3 days $16 / 4 days $7 / 1 day
BW $18 / 4 days $20 / 4 days $12 / 4 days
E6 $22 / 7 days $26 / 7 days $15 / 7 days