What's The Difference Between 35mm & 120 Film?

35mm is your standard roll of camera film that comes in a little canister of goodness. Featuring a handy size, sprocket holes to load your film & various colours and contrasts! If it was measured in megapixels, it would be around 16 MP!  They come in values of 12, 24, 27 & 36 exposures! And sometimes obscure amounts depending on the film! 

120 is a bigger film format, called 'medium format' film. It has around an 50 MP value. It comes in a spool round up in it. In the camera, the film transfers from one spool to the other! The film is attached to a piece of backing paper, which prevents light leaks when winding the film into the camera. Depending on the format they are shot at, you can achieve a different amount of exposures. 
Shooting at 4x5 you get 16 exposures out of a roll. 
Shooting at square 6x6 you get 12 exposures out of a roll. 

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