Film Photography Collective Camera Give Away April 2014 - 3 cameras has to go!!

In April 2014 we are giving away 3 cameras! Yes 3 cameras for Free!! 


The Spotlight of this giveaway is definitely a Good Working condition Olympus OM-30



Camera Information:


The OM30 was also released in 1983. It was called OM F on some markets. It existed in chrome and in black finish.

It was Olympus's first step towards an autofocus SLR camera. It was a true autofocus with one lens only, the 35–70mm AF zoom which had a motorized focusing ring, using three AAA batteries to operate it. With the other OM-mount lenses, correct focus was assisted with an indicator in the viewfinder.

The OM30 met quite limited success; Olympus' early autofocus system wasn't particularly accurate, fast or useful compared to its competitors.Minolta changed the camera market forever in 1985 with the Maxxum 7000, at which time Olympus made one more attempt at an AF OM body — the OM707 released in 1986. Again, this was a case of too little, too late and Olympus transferred focus in AF away from the OM system and into the IS line of cameras.

More info read: CameraPedia


The Second camera is a Pentax SF7 , is is back again ( as this is the same camera that we first gave away), but not from James ! We actually got given another one! 


Camera Information:

The Pentax SF7 was a camera from the Japanese Pentax brand, manufactured by the Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. (called PENTAX Corporation since 2002). It is also known as the Pentax SF10 in the U.S. and was first produced in 1988. It was Pentax's third Autofocus 35mm SLR after the Pentax ME F and the very similar Pentax SFX.


Main Features:

  • Two auto-focus modes: single shot (focus priority) or continuous (servo)
  • Shutter speed range, from 30 seconds to 1/2000th sec and Bulb.
  • Exposure compensation
  • Auto bracketing
  • Interchangeable focusing screens
  • Built-in diopter adjustment
  • Motor drive transports at 2.0 frame/s

Also, Since Amy from the January did not response and come pick up the camera so The Canon Prima BF is back on the list to giveway, unless of course if she comes and claim it before this was give-way. 


Correction 16/04/2014: 

Amy did response and the Canon Prima BF will go to her, but we will give-away another camera, but we haven't figure out which one yet. Will surprise you!



Camera Information:

Canon Prima BF8 (Date) is a 35mm compact, fully automatic, viewfinder film camera manufactured by Canon Camera Co., Inc, Tokyo, Japan and marketed in 1998.

Prima BF8 (Date) is known Canon Snappy LXII/Date in America and BF35D in Japan.

This camera is characterized by a extra-large viewfinder, three times larger than the usual finders, BF means Big Finder. It was the final camera in the Canon Snappy series.


Direct Quote from : Camera Pedia


Sample picture here: Lomography site


Just send us an email explaining why you would like to have the camera and your preferences for all 3 cameras.

That way, if someone did a better job convincing us why they should have the first camera we still can give you the 2nd or the 3rd camera !

Also tell us what you’d like to shoot.

Do all these before 30th of April 2014 11.59PM! 


Make sure you read the rules below. 

    Remember we have THREE simple rules:

    1. One entry per person.

    2. You promise not to sell this camera or auction it off on eBay. If you are done shooting with it, please return it to us so that we can pass it on to another film photographer.

    3. Come pick it up from FilmNeverDie Gallery @367 Mile Lane , Parkville, Victoria 3052


    Last month winner of The Panorama Camera is Stephanie Parsons !! Congrats! Remember to come pick it up soon!

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