How Seb found FilmNeverDie and jumped onboard

18 months ago I worked my butt off during the Christmas period to save up for the one thing I had wanted for a very long time – the Lomo LC-W. A wide angled 35mm camera made by the Lomographic Society. After scouring ebay and many, many sites for hours, no-one seemed to stock it here in Oz. My only choice was to pay a very large international shipping fee, on top of the expensive price of the camera. That is until, I came across this little ebay store called FilmNeverDie based in Melbourne. I sent a message off asking if they had the camera in stock, hoping they would!


 photo of me taken on Lc-W- with David and Josh  


I received a message back saying, “We sure do! We can even lower the price down for you as well!' - well Bingo, Bango, Bongo! I was set! The time had come to get my hands on this little beast! I jumped on a train that week down to Melbourne, with my best friend and wandered around for ages trying to find the no. 19 tram to make it to Parkville. After finally finding it, I discovered how to get to Mile Lane – only to go the wrong way up the laneway, and end up the complete opposite from where I needed to be (As I found out, a lot of customers do this). After going back the other way I came across this little garage with a red door and a very seedy look about it. Thinking that I had stumbled across a dodgy meth lab, I wasn't sure if I had actually found the right place! I wandered in, and was greeted by cameras, films, music and a strange asian man behind the counter!


erm.. that's actually Eric, but you can see Gary's finger

This was paradise, so much film for me to stock up on as well! So I handed over all my hard earned cash and had one of the greatest days ever! (I seriously dreamt about the lomo at nightime!)

Over the next year I kept coming back to hang out and buy more film to take back to Bendigo with me. Always finding something to slam into my little camera! It was grouse to have someone to talk to about 35mm film (And if anyone who knows me, knows how much I shoot and obsess over it!) and talk about the analogue experience!

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