Filmneverdie's FIRST slide projection night!

A what? 

Remember when you're grandparents used to talk about their 'slide night' and you just thought it meant them running around the polished wooden floors with socks on? 

Well you were wrong! 

A slide is a type of photo! 

What you do is you get one of these bad boys: 

And you shoot photos on it like a normal roll of film, and take it to your lab and ask it to be developed in E6 chemicals. 
This produces a strip of developed film with POSITIVE photos on it! 

Because of the 1 step process of developing, there is less grain, more contrast and kick arse colours! 
In the old days, the photo lab would then mount each photo into a cardboard square so that it can be projected! 

This is where we come in! 

We are asking YOU to bring any old slides you may have kicking around! Ask your parents & grandparents if they have any old slides they wanna see again to bring back old memories! 
We have a dedicated 120 & 35mm projector specifically to project them onto our shop wall! 

Bring some beers, nibbles and friends this Saurday night the 17th of May at 5:00 pm to 374 Mile Lane, Parkville, Melbourne! We will be running until 7:00 or maybe later depending on who comes or how many photos we project! 

RSVP on our facebook event @ and we hope to see you on Saturday night! 

-Sebastian Young

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