Polaroid 600 Land Cameras and Gold & Silver deal!

We have just gotten a whole bunch of NEAR MINT condition Polaroid 600 cameras!
All of them are 9/10 or 10/10s!
All have been tested to perfection, and come with 6 months warranty! 
A few even have sonar autofocus, spot on focusing EVERY time - even in the dark!  


And because we have SO much Polaroid 600 Colour in Gold & Silver frames, we are bundling them together! 

Such a perfect way to get you started in Polaroid photography! These cameras are point & shoot, such an easy way to take photos!
Just aim, press the shutter and wait for the magic to happen! 

And the price? $180 for the camera and one pack of each film! That's cheap as chips (Well sorta, I DARE you to ask a tuck shop for $180 worth of chips!), but you get what I mean!

We are also selling the packs for the low, low price of $25.50 per pack! 


600 films can also be used on SX-70 cameras,  if using an ND filter! 

We have another bundle here mixed up of BW & Colour, in a variety of colours! 

We are selling this for the special price of $130 + the ND filter is free! 

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