FilmNeverDie first ever Polaroid Exhibition - closing on the 18th of December 2014

Since the start of our FilmNeverDie eBay store in 2011, we had established our very own web store, and a FilmNeverDie Gallery over the short span of 3 years. Further, more than 5,000 people around the world have bought from us. Earlier today we were around our work station and thought of the milestones we had achieved and thought that this was crazy. It has not been an easy 3 years but we are where we are now, beyond our wildest dreams. We have sold all these films and cameras to you and we asked ourselves, what now? What can we do to help you along your Polaroid or Analogue journey?

We cracked our heads together and decided to organise a crowd sourcing for a FilmNeverDie exclusive exhibition! 
The idea was to give back to the polaroid community and allow the 5000+ people who bought from FilmNeverDie to be able to showcase their work, possibly selling the works as well.
This way your Polaroid art work will not have to stay in your room, but they could be showcased and  admired by the wider public. If the art sells, then even better! This will mean that FilmNeverDie is actually providing a means to an end! A complete cycle, which is something we will be proud of.

Cost wise, it is still up in the air (depending on the volume of entry and the space). Our prospective artists will provide an initial cost of $50 -$100 for each piece of work that we exhibit. We will definitely go through a short-listing process before deciding on what we would like to have up in the space. Theme wise, it will be Instant (this means Fujifilm instax, Fuji FP peel-a-part and Polaroid are all included).


Our vision is to not sandwich all your art work into a small gallery space. We will also organise the Polaroid Exhibition on an annual or semi-annual basis going forward.

We have contacted some gallery spaces but have not settle down on any as yet. Reason being is that most of the exhibition gallery space need a proposal, so to do this properly, I want to see all the great Polaroid art you have created and then submit an awesome proposal to the best gallery space of our choice. 

Submission is free.  So keep your entries coming.

Submission closing on the 18th of December 2014.

35mm , 120 or large format exhibition

What about 35mm , 120 or large format?
Yes we have this scheduled for next year !

Submission for  the rest of the analogue exhibition will be be open earlier next year and FilmNeverDie will be doing it in conjunction with Film Photography Australia - Facebook group - under the project name - Black Frame !

Till then , keep shooting :D 

Oh! if you got any questions or suggestion or if you may know a space that would like to host us, let us know :D 

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