Melbourne Fringe x FilmNeverDie Polaroid Walk

Big shout out to Melbourne Fringe ! 

For the first time ever FilmNeverDie will be doing Melbourne Fringe Festival  - Polaroid walk.

This walk is to explore Melbourne Fringe 2014 keynote project : Uncommon Places


"Uncommon Places explores the concept of the Third Place – meaning neither home nor the workplace, but social locations where people gather, converse, catch up and hang out. 
Third Places stitch the fabric of society together, informal sites that foster civic engagement, political thought, multicultural vibrancy and a sense of belonging. 
Our selected artists will celebrate Third Places across the city, sharing the experiences of the communities that engage with them."4
the Polaroid / Photo walking tour will be running daily from the 25th - 28th of September for more info on route and how to book click here.
Each person will get half a pack of polaroid films to play around ! 15 spots only for each day be quick!
with and you will also be invited to send your pictures in for a chance to win a Polaroid Camera ! ( more info of that to come , so go shooting first).

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